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Part 6

Amy's POV

As it was Eggman we were talking about, I wasn't too sure myself where the place was. Shadow, however, had described the place to Sonic in passing after after Eggman died. 'Just in case,' he had said. "You can never trust that bastard. Even in the afterlife." It was in a remote, almost swamp-like, area of the forest.

"Silver, I'm not too sure where it is, just that's it's around here." I said. Pushing through the trees. Yuck. The forest floor was covered with mud.

"Hmmmm……. Maybe we should split up?" he wondered, stepping over a fallen tree branch.

Ok. To be honest, this place was not my cup of tea. A little while ago, I wouldn't have come here even if I had been promised a shopping spree in return. Well... maybe. And being alone here wasn't the most pleasant idea to me. "U-um…I don't really think-" I began, whirling around to find Silver. "Alright!" he burst out, "We'll split up and if you find anything call me." He dashed off before I could say another word.

"Great. Juusstt great Silver." I muttered through gritted teeth. "I knew you were headstrong but…wow." Well, I'm stuck here. I might as well look then. It was just amazing that Blaze convinced him to get a phone at all…

I started walking. Not to anywhere in particular. Knowing how fast Silver was he would probably find it first. This forest was…….pretty depressing. It was just kinda there. Sonic would like a place like this.  

Shadow's POV

I ran through the forest, the wind rushing through my quills. Although I never had admitted it to anyone, being alone all the time could get….boring. Suddenly, a grey flash zoomed by me. "….could it be..? Silver..?" I thought. Catching up to the blur I yelled, "Hey! What exactly are you doing?" He skidded to a stop. "Shadow! It's good to see you!" he exclaimed. "….actually….I was looking for you." Silver shuffled in the dirt awkwardly.

"Me? Why?" I asked, taken aback. "Where the hell did you come from anyway?"

He hesitated, "Well…you didn't come an' see me." A pouting look spread across his face. "Didn't you get the message Tails sent you?" "Message? What is he talking about?" I thought. "I haven't been back at the base for a few days. I've been…busy." I replied.

"Oh." Suddenly, he seemed to remember something. "OH! I was here with Amy-"

"Amy?" I grunted, whirling around, "Where?"

Silver seemed to smirk a little, "Shaadooww…….did something happen?" "N-no, why would it?" I stammered. "Tch, idiot."

"Well we split up to look for you, so she should be around here somewhere." He mused, throwing an inquisitive glance my way.

"Fine. Let's just find her already." I muttered, dashing off into the trees.
"S-Shadow.. wait!! NO fair!"
This section is now edited. 

sorry, i have had major writer's block and havent had the determination to keep working. I'll try to get another one out over the weekend as i'm gonna be gone...sorry if it's short. *Bows*

Where is Amy?
Where is Sonic?
Why does Silver like cookiez?

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amy is somewhere at and around the outside of eggmans base i think
sonic is sitting under a tree with sally
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im here cos 1. im answering these Qs 2. i just finished reading ur chapter wich was tots awesome! 3. im about to clik on the link for chp 7! :P :cheerful: :iconcheerful:
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Sitting by a tree.
With Sally.
The dark side has cookies.
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